The Burning Giraffe

This virtual reality experience is a reinterpretation of the painting The Burning Giraffe by the famous surrealist artist, Salvador Dalí.

As an experimental art project, this experience recreates an interactive classical painting in a 3D virtual environment, where the user can manipulate the art piece by using different types of interaction techniques, hence providing the user with new possibilities and perspectives to interpret the artwork. This virtual reality experience was the practical part of my bachelor thesis with the title "Design and Implementation of User Interaction Techniques in an Artistic Virtual Reality Installation". This project serves as a Bachelor’s thesis, as well as an exploration into making an artistic virtual reality experience.

The character modeling, animation and rigging were done in Autodesk Maya 2019. The development including the interactions and animations were implemented in Unity3D.

VR Scene


textures textures


textures textures

Original Painting