Hi, I'm Zainab Tariq

I’m a creative technologist and frontend web developer based in Berlin and Madrid. My main focus is on interactive media, new media art and creative coding. I'm passionate about arts and different forms of expression.


Gnōthi Seauton July, 2022

Gnōthi Seauton(WIP)is an interactive audio visual artwork that deals with the topic of our perceived identity and focuses on the emotions associated with self-consciousness. The main objective of the artwork is to represent the state of human emotions related to one’s insecurities in a way that is not only relatable but incites self-reflection. Thus exploring the boundaries of our emotion…

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Real Time War Rug May, 2022

The real-time war rug is a tangible and audiovisual display of the ongoing socio-political conflicts through the medium of war rugs. We would like to use this soft reminder to draw attention to all conflicts happening around us and the interconnected nature of our eco-system. war rug https://realtimewarrug.cargo.site The physical realization of the project is a rug made by tufting technique that…

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Remnants: Kind Acts of Cruelty July, 2021

Exhibited at Sehsüchte 2021 and 48H NK, Remnants: kind acts of cruelty is an audiovisual interactive installation and an educational website, that tackles the topic of microaggressions and make them perceptible for non-marginalized people, to raise awareness for everyday racism and help dismantle racism in our society. Topic In times that are determined by turbulence, racial unrests, uprisings…

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