Gnōthi Seauton

Gnōthi Seauton(WIP)is an interactive audio visual artwork that deals with the topic of our perceived identity and focuses on the emotions associated with self-consciousness. The main objective of the artwork is to represent the state of human emotions related to one’s insecurities in a way that is not only relatable but incites self-reflection. Thus exploring the boundaries of our emotion perception.

distortion of portrait

The artwork imitates a mirror, where one can see themself. Whereby, the mirrored reflection of the audience is abstractly distorted in real-time. The alienation of one's self underlines the distortion of one's own perceived identity. The distortion of the reflection of the audience changes according to their facial expression. The main expressions that the audience can interact with are "neutral", "happy", "sad", and "angry". The expressions "sad" and "angry" represent the negative emotions associated with being self-conscious about oneself. These emotions are elicited when one feels insecure about their perceived appearance and social behaviour. The exaggerated visual distortion, as a result, should underline the feelings of social anxiety, depression, and stress. Contrarily, the expression "happy" puts the focus on being content with oneself and highlights the aspect of self-awareness and mindfulness.

distortion effects according to facial expression

A soundscape supports the visuals of the artwork by conveying an ominous feeling and accentuates the underlying feeling associated with the artwork.