Real Time War Rug

The real-time war rug is a tangible and audiovisual display of the ongoing socio-political conflicts through the medium of war rugs. We would like to use this soft reminder to draw attention to all conflicts happening around us and the interconnected nature of our eco-system.

war rug

The physical realization of the project is a rug made by tufting technique that consists of two layers: a moving and a still one.  The tufted rug depicts the world map, and behind it, there is a layer of motors that is linked to rotatable discs covered with “soft pixels”. 


rug making

As it’s often not possible to define the boundaries of a war (territorially and in terms of time), the visualization of the conflict “hot-spots” are not limited to single coordinates of points, but they are represented by a movement that spreads out from the epicenter of a conflict-affected area with a weakening frequency to the surrounding areas, referring to our interdependence. 


The project was realized in Madrid, within the framework of the Prototyping Lab#1 Medios Sintientes at Medialab Matadero Madrid.


Team: Zainab Tariq, Rita Eperjesi, Anna Eschenbacher, Fanni Szilvás, Julieta Iacono, Elian Stolarsky, Gabriella Paredes, Leslie Portillo Pérez, Pei-Chi Lee

Mentors: Abelardo Gil Fournier, Nerea Calvillo, Quadrature (Juliane Götz & Sebastian Neitsch)