Remnants: Kind Acts of Cruelty

Exhibited at Sehsüchte 2021 and 48H NK, Remnants: kind acts of cruelty is an audiovisual interactive installation and an educational website, that tackles the topic of microaggressions and make them perceptible for non-marginalized people, to raise awareness for everyday racism and help dismantle racism in our society.


In times that are determined by turbulence, racial unrests, uprisings, and emergent movements that are striving for equality and the abolishment of racial injustice, we have to create a space of understanding where those who are marginalized not only have a voice, but are also heard by those in the position of power.

The initial step for this space to be created is tied with the creation of awareness, which means that those with privilege need to understand the trauma that results from racism and that BIPoC are going through on a daily basis. The idea that racism only exists when it appears in its most radical form – whether it be in physical violence or right-wing rhetoric – starts to crack and more and more people realize that racism appears in a myriad of ways, of which most are subtle, almost not perceivable (at least for those with privilege).

There is a name for this kind of racism and it is called Microaggression. The project revolves around the idea of trying to make Microaggressions visible for the ones who are not affected by it and the aim is to create awareness for the concerns and issues of the people who are left unheard and invisible.

This project was done in collaboration with Anna Eschenbacher, Rita Eperjesi, Jacky Lai, Denise Bischof, Ellina Nurmukhametova, Felix Römer, Júlia Koffler, Klara Otto, and Florian Kempf.


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